Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Unworn Skirt and other neglected purchases

Last Spring I downloaded an app called Style Directory, somewhat of a good concept, albeit flawed in its execution. The idea was to be able to save all the runway looks I wanted to tap into for the upcoming season, but I didn't anticipate that my momentary adoration would result in a new level of impulse shopping, and not the good kind either.

I'd found a pleated, high waisted skirt by Christian Siriano, saved the image and started the cycle of obsession. It turned out that Forever New had a pleated skirt exactly like the one I wanted, in the most breathtaking shimmering peach. I bought it.

That skirt is still in my cupboard, with the tag still attached to it, a whole year later.

And so the real danger of fashion induced lapses of judgement is revealed. I find that I have a rather serious case of Trend Based Impulse Shopping Syndrome, the sort that made me buy moccasin platform ankle boots and a number of accesories, formal shirts, flared pants, sheer blouses. All still in their original packaging, all unworn, and all too exquisite for me to discard.

I'll admit, I'm not proud of it. But yesterday I bought a pair of 5.5" peeptoe wedges in tribal tapestry 'upholstery'. We'll see whether I ever actually wear them. God willing.

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