Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Money: Always Too Tight To Mention

I pride myself in the fact that I have been blessed with the ability to source out clothing items that are always on point, fashionable, stylish and above all, a hell of a lot less than any similar designer pieces. Wearing an ensemble which works out to less than R500 in total isn’t too much of a hassle for me, and I revel in the joy it brings to others, because fashion should be accessible to everyone. Sadly though, the luxury market in Africa is somewhat heartbreaking, with department stores having comparatively microscopic ranges to their foreign counterparts, forcing the fashionistas to go vintage, or go broke.

The truth of the matter is that South Africa is only just entering the big leagues with regards to luxury goods, and with this sudden accessibility to exclusive designer pieces (and please note, that the issue at hand is a matter of brand worship rather than style purchases), we’ve got women spending absurd amounts on items which have no relevance as they are either basics, easily translatable elsewhere and/or unworthy of their price tag.

So what does one do to find that elusive middle ground between being Stylish and Affordable (also known as being Unbroke)?

You dig DEEP. And not in your pockets either. Over the next series of posts, I will be hunting down the best looks, and then searching for the best bargains to translate the inspirations.

I’d love to take a bow, but I don’t like to count my cents before payday.

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