Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fashion Week Becomes Relevant

Everyone in the Southern Hemisphere has suffered the indignity of having to either:

1. Swoon over a runway trend and translate it for the wrong season.
2. Interpret a trend one season too late.

Nothing is more disappointing than being a mere observer in the goings on of fashion week and the excitement the new trends bring, until now. Spring 2013 Fashion Week is here, giving us the opportunity to jump onto trends and translate them for the streets long before our Northern counterparts can. The truth is that very few trends require exclusive shopping, and quite often, it's a trend that has been repeated and thus quite easy to achieve with just a few key purchases. For those of us who are incurable fashion hoarders (yes, you with the fetish boots which you could never wear again), Northern fashion weeks that coincide with our seasons a good year before mean the chance to be fashion forward, even if that means delving into our hard-earned repertoire of one-season-wonders.

The globalisation of fashion is something I’ve always been passionate about, and being an active part of the online fashion industry is something I feel utterly blessed for. Sites like Moda Operandi which offer runway collections and ASOS which ships anywhere have made us citizens of a global fashion community.

I've only taken a look at a few runway collections and I already know what my key purchases will be. This season, we're gunning for coarse textures, boat neck dresses, small prints, neutral colours and simple cuts; I reckon I’ll also be throwing the minimalist feel of the season off with some statement accessories.

Considering that South Africa has just landed its own Grazia, I think it is only fitting for the nation's fashion community to catch onto international trends and spin it out in a way only South Africans can.

Besides, who doesn't want to feel like NYFW is on their very doorstep? I guess I’ll just play pretend until Sandton is big enough.

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