Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The One Piece Wonder

This post goes out to all the fashion lovers who are learning the ways of showstopping (also known as "stealing the shine"; "grabbing all the attention" or pulling an "Anna Dello Russo"). I haven't been fashionisting for all that long, but I am a good enough observer to know what gets tongues wagging.

Here are a few tips for the poor readers who take notes when I blog:

                                           Moustache ring ordered from zando.co.za

1. It really isn't about labels, honestly, most of the world doesn't have the time or energy (read: sheer obsessiveness) to prowl style.com, Moda Operandi, Net-A-Porta or ASOS all day, and with the rise of the hipster, more and more fashionistas are finding inspiration in unnamed pieces.

2. Statement pieces are about catching attention, but in a good way. Wearing fully ripped jeans might get you all the attention, but it will command very little fashion admiration, and even less respect.

3. The secret weapon to being a showstopper is to stick to one statement piece at a time. Let the item have the chance to be admired and complimented, don't dilute its beauty with a million other contesting pieces, you're a lady, not a gallery.

                                                         Desert boots from Rage

4. Wear it with the right attitude. An elegant pair of earrings will grab all the wrong attention if you're popping gum like a hoodrat. A street style statement will be lost and cheapened if worn with an outfit too formal. REMEMBER: Every look has a corresponding attitude, and without the relevant attitude, the ensemble will not reach the height of its potential awesomeness.

So the next time you feel the urge to throw on 10 rings, a neck piece, full prints and statement heels, let Mademoiselle Chanel's words guide you and take one (or in this case about 10) item/s off.

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