Thursday, September 20, 2012

Spring 2013 Trend: Contemporary Prints

Yes, yes, prints are back. Just like every warmer season, we're lusting after prints but this time round, they're slightly less dainty and just a little more arty. Pretty has become edgy, in possibly the weirdest take on Spring fever, with optical illusions and contemporary prints stalking the runway.


Fashion Fringe 2013; Chinese Print Body-Con

A Detacher Spring 2013; Afrocentric Print Draped Dress

Fashion Fringe paraded their version of Chinese Warrior women, with models looking super edgy in neutral prints thrown off with splashes of red and blue. This delve into historical prints was echoed by many designers who took inspiration from India, China and Africa.


No. 21 Spring 2013; Checkered Skirt

Alexandre Herchovitch Spring 2013, Over sized Checkered Print Tee (worlds apart from Fall's Mad Men crazed collection)

No. 21 chose to accentuate their looks with a deconstructed tartan coloured print, while Alexandre Herchovitch took to enlarging the checkered print and playing around with the colours in their over sized prints.


Betsey Johnson Spring 2013; Illustrated Fruit Print Dress

Christopher Kane Spring 2013; Frankenstein Tee

The fruit-print trend of previous seasons was twisted by Betsey Johnson and her punk illustrative prints, focused on bold outlines and even bolder colour schemes. Punk and street art appeared to be very influential in collections other than the expected (Madame Westwood) as we saw in Christopher Kane's pretty collection underlined with a sense of disturbia.

So if you'd like, modify the Chinese evening dress you haven't worn since the Millennium, cut up a tablecloth, or doodle on your favourite tea-dress, call it a translation of the runway and I assure you, the title of showstopper will be yours.

Unless you end up looking like a Skid Row resident who had a rummage in Tim Burton's mood-bin, in which case, you didn't get any fashion advice from me. :)

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