Friday, November 30, 2012

She's Got The Look

Fashion history can be categorised by the iconic shots, or in this case, body parts of models and designers. The defining characteristic, that signature look which draws people into the shots, the campaigns, the runways, those are the marks of a truly amazing model and muse. 

But let's not forget that the industry is an evolving set of ideals and the criteria for success changes every season. 

If you ask me, this could all be a big step in the right direction for us..

Daphne Groeneveld: The Doll-Faced Make-Up Muse

With the perfect face for beauty shots, Daphne has cemented herself as not only a runway model of note, but also a most wanted canvas for beauty shots.

Critics say: Anyone can look good with enough make-up on

I say: Make-up enhances, but with a bone structure and pout that strong, Daphne looks good with, or without. 

Linsey Wixson: Pouting All The Way To The Bank

Lindsey's signature pout and doe eyes have made her the face of numerous campaigns and increases her runway demand to break the mould that cute can't be fierce.

Critics say: Gaps aren't cute and neither are too-far-gone pouts.

I say: Bridget Bardot, enough said. 

Joan Smalls: Neo-Fierce Femme Fatale

Critics say: She's a new-age Naomi Campbell

I say: Joan represents a new movement of models of colour who are breaking the perception that colour should translate as 'exotic' by being a regular runway and campaign model.

Anja Rubik: Shooting From The Hip

Anja has won numerous online awards for her hip bone, most of them good. If you've got it..

Critics say: She glamourises eating disorders

I say: Those hips are an acquired taste, but nonetheless, captivating. 

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