Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mango: How To Be A Campaign Girl

"Dressing the modern, urban women for her daily needs is the formula we have analysed, adapted and applied in all the countries in which MANGO is present: it has been and remains one of the keys to our commercial success and international prestige."

Mango is a high street brand with a timeless sense of elegance and composure, think of their brand as well thought out, with a touch of risk. The clothes that Mango provides, makes it impossible for an outfit to be a fashion faux pas, and in keeping with that mindset, Mango chooses campaign girls who never put a foot wrong. They aren't interested in proving to be star-makers, they choose fashion veterans, and they do it well.

How to be a Mango girl:

  • Look good in neutrals
  • Be a tasteful sex-symbol
  • Have the ability to make everyday staples look like street style statement pieces

Scarlett Johansson: Fool-Proof At Looking DDG

Campaign run: 
Fall 2009
Fall/Winter 2010/2011
Fall/Winter 2011/2012

Kate Moss: The Campaign Girl (for like, everyone)

Campaign run: 
Fall 2012
Spring/Summer 2012

Miranda Kerr: The Newbie

Campaign run:
Soon-to-be Spring 2013

Mango seems to enjoy playing it safe. But will Miranda stand the test of time like the last two campaign girls which will seal her future as a Mango ambassador?

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