Friday, January 25, 2013

The Art of Classy Dress On A Budget

Let's fact it, the fashion industry is designed to make us believe that we are incapable of classy dress without designer staples and this is something which is reiterated by stylists all over the world, but for most up and coming fashionistas, Designer is impossible. But let me introduce to you dear readers, the revelation that is budget shopping. 

Thinking of a decent work outfit? How about this ensemble which totals at a mere R240.00? 

Colourblock Peplum Dress: R119.99

Electric Blue Courts: R99.99

Pyramid Stud Earrings: R19.99

designer what you say? good quality does not have to translate into unfathomable prices ladies. 

All items available at Mr. Price South Africa

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Newly Refined Man

A lot can happen in the space of a year, and in an environment as fast paced and volatile as the fashion industry, 365 days leaves room for intense change. We've seen designers change places and we've seen designers take places, but as fashion observers, the evolution we've come to appreciate the most is that of the fashionable male. 

Not long ago, the eligible man was the toned, tanned bloke in a 3-piece suit with far too much money, and far too little grit or ambition, but by the end of 2011, the idea of the refined man began to change. 

On the fashion stage, it all started with the Balmain and Balenciaga shows, and The Rise of Journo Fashion, a concept of men who were men with and without the frills, street-wise gentlemen, just as comfy in 2-pleat pants as they are chic in khaki desert boots. 

Balmain Spring 2012

The street has made its appearance on the runway (or in the front row) on a number of occasions, but with the likes of Kanye West's design prowess and Alexander Wang's menswear showcases (with the likes of diplo, A$AP Rocky & Penn Badgely), we're looking at an era where the hustle is sexy, and for the first time since the Great Gatsby, the hustler is more eligible than the old-money-large-mansion pricks we've all grown to hate. 

Alexander Wang's Fall 2012 Menswear Showcase

Sapiosexualism has taken over, and the fashion industry has embraced it in the purest sense, keeping tabs on the men who work hard, think hard, and stunt hard, showing them off to the world, making the nerds appealing and the jocks mediocre. Making money with your mind and art is encouraged, and is the new dragon to chase. 

Kendrick Lamar for Complex Magazine 

Diplo for Alexander Wang

Men look up to them for their ability to progress, the fact that they can play ball on any day and the way the new-age gentleman carries himself. Women adore them for their refinement, the equality they strive for and the fact that they know their Gucci from their Prada all while being perfectly composed, maybe even chauvinistically comedic. 

 A$AP Rocky for Alexander Wang

Penn Badgely for GQ

And what's not to love when your suit is sharp, but your mindset is sharper?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How To Ruin A Collection

As a fashion house, the people who wear your clothing are crucial to the brand that the public is aware of, with the wrong brand ambassadors though (chosen or otherwise), your reputation and integrity could be lost faster than a pin in a couture gown. 

Here are some of the best, or rather, worst, celebs who have taken it upon themselves to unknowingly ruin a particular fashion label. 

Britney Spears: Herve Leger

Heidi Klum: Versace

Ladies, sex appeal has nothing to do with how much skin you show. Cover up some, and save the rest of us from having to gouge our eyes out. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Girls, The TV Show Revelation

Girls, created by Lena Dunham

Let's talk patriarchal television people, or more specifically, the sort of television that effectively reduces contemporary women to the depths of being pretty shells, with petty problems and happy endings. There is truly nothing more disheartening than watching a show which makes you feel like you need to be prettier, smarter, have better 'skills' in the bedroom and overall, be a better woman in the shallow sense of the word.

Shows like Gossip Girl, 90210, Sex & The City and so forth glamorize and degrade women simultaneously by plagueing us with guy problems, and then fixing us by having another unappreciative man take his place, all while dressing us up to be 'desirable' and thus, objectifying us.

A little deep perhaps? Well this is where Girls makes a breakthrough. This is the sort of show, with women who are women in the fullest, imperfect and tough, broken sometimes and beautifully raw. Girls is the kind of show I've grown to love because it is relatable and because it pulls no punches when depicting the life of the contemporary woman.

Our lives are messy, and hard to work with, but the women we become are hardy, beautiful and uncensored. And that, is nothing short of amazing.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

3 Kinds of Fashionista

As much as i hate being thrown into one category, i do rather enjoy the simple act of sorting others into befitting categories. Seeing as this is the season of boxes and uniform wrapping paper, how's about we do a season's greetings piece on the different types of fashionistas?

The Accessoriser: Anna Dello Russo

No matter what day of the week, no matter what time of day, you will never EVER leave the house without a souk of accessories. Anna is the Queen of Bling (sorry Ms. Mbau), and she isn't afraid of flaunting her pieces. Her recent collaboration with H&M has allowed excessive accessorisers all over to have the chance to channel a little Anna.

El Classico: Anna Wintour

Anna's the epitome of a classic dresser, with that signature bob and her go-to heels, she personifies the older successful woman to a tee. Her looks may not be showstopping, but they are nothing short of gorgeous. 

The Power Dresser: Tamara Mellon

We're talking pointed toe heels, pencil skirts, power-suits and slick hair. This is the kind of woman who knows her worth in gold, and knows her way around a boardroom. Tamara is a perfect role model for ambitious young women, and her dress sense exudes fierceness always.

So take a gold leaf from one of these women's lookbooks and go all out this season, no matter which type you are.

2013 Muse: Eddie Redmayne

Name: Edward John David "Eddie" Redmayne 

Occupation: Actor, Singer, Model

Why we love him? 

Eddie represents the new age handsome that makes women weak at the knees. He may not have rugby player arms, jock swagger or conventional chiselled everything, but hot damn, he has the sort of look that can keep you up.

The Brand Who Saw Him First: Burberry

The groupie publications:

Esquire Korea

Drama Magazine

Telegraph Magazine

Flaunt Magazine

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Whitney: We Love You, & We Mean It

There isn't a more unwelcoming industry to women than comedy, and I've had to witness far too many young  ladies hit the stage and fail miserably by trying to be either too sexy, or entirely masculine and subsequently, making themselves look like a bad Ellen impersonator. 

Whitney Cummings is a comedy SuperWoman and she is fast becoming a style icon to watch. And with legs like those, who needs a marketing strategy? 

Professions: Journo, Model, Actress, Comedian, Writer, Producer.

Recent achievements: Co-Produced 2 Broke Girls and landed a gig on E! with her show produced by Chelsea Handler; Love You, Mean It.

Style: Skinny jeans, body-con dresses, sky high heels. 

The Heavyweight Victory: Owning Kim K in a Who Wore It Better battle. There is no escaping this landslide victory.

She's funny. She's foxy. and yes. She can get it.