Thursday, January 10, 2013

3 Kinds of Fashionista

As much as i hate being thrown into one category, i do rather enjoy the simple act of sorting others into befitting categories. Seeing as this is the season of boxes and uniform wrapping paper, how's about we do a season's greetings piece on the different types of fashionistas?

The Accessoriser: Anna Dello Russo

No matter what day of the week, no matter what time of day, you will never EVER leave the house without a souk of accessories. Anna is the Queen of Bling (sorry Ms. Mbau), and she isn't afraid of flaunting her pieces. Her recent collaboration with H&M has allowed excessive accessorisers all over to have the chance to channel a little Anna.

El Classico: Anna Wintour

Anna's the epitome of a classic dresser, with that signature bob and her go-to heels, she personifies the older successful woman to a tee. Her looks may not be showstopping, but they are nothing short of gorgeous. 

The Power Dresser: Tamara Mellon

We're talking pointed toe heels, pencil skirts, power-suits and slick hair. This is the kind of woman who knows her worth in gold, and knows her way around a boardroom. Tamara is a perfect role model for ambitious young women, and her dress sense exudes fierceness always.

So take a gold leaf from one of these women's lookbooks and go all out this season, no matter which type you are.

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