Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Whitney: We Love You, & We Mean It

There isn't a more unwelcoming industry to women than comedy, and I've had to witness far too many young  ladies hit the stage and fail miserably by trying to be either too sexy, or entirely masculine and subsequently, making themselves look like a bad Ellen impersonator. 

Whitney Cummings is a comedy SuperWoman and she is fast becoming a style icon to watch. And with legs like those, who needs a marketing strategy? 

Professions: Journo, Model, Actress, Comedian, Writer, Producer.

Recent achievements: Co-Produced 2 Broke Girls and landed a gig on E! with her show produced by Chelsea Handler; Love You, Mean It.

Style: Skinny jeans, body-con dresses, sky high heels. 

The Heavyweight Victory: Owning Kim K in a Who Wore It Better battle. There is no escaping this landslide victory.

She's funny. She's foxy. and yes. She can get it. 

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