Monday, August 15, 2011

The Rise of Journo Fashion

The world is in a state of social and political transition, and while lots of change is good, a lot of it is violent on the way there.Fashionably violent might I add.

We are indeed in global limbo...

So trust a bunch of fashion genii to catch on.

The Tottenham riots and student protests in Chile are two of the most recent events that have grabbed the world by their lapels, throw in the chaos of the earthquake in Japan and you have a troubling set of circumstances.

It is at this point that I would like to highlight the common denominators in the aforementioned events: poverty (before and/or after) and journalists.

Allow me to paint you a picture of the average 'hard-hitting' male journalist:
Combat pants, desert boots, safari hat/beanie, distressed jeans and the all important stubble and grease.

Does that sound familiar? Do i hear Spring 2012? why, yes, yes I do.

Balmain showed desert boots in distressed suede, bomber jackets and faded denim button downs, sounds like an Al Jazeerah correspondent possessed Christophe Decarnin to me.

nevertheless, I quite like this 'idolisation' of the new-age explorers.

besides, its Bottega Veneta's Arab Spring rationale that I find most interesting.

Imagine an entire fashion show, inspired by what I would think was utter turmoil. Well I can assure you that Tomas Maier, is one hell of an artist in interpreting the rebellion into checked suits and bad-ass shades. Not OTT, but most certainly not mediocre, Muammar Gaddafi, eat your heart out.

So dear Sirs, put away your tailored silks and cravats, and embrace your inner, hobo, if put lazily. Grab a satchel and your Docs and head out.

Even if you write with the intellect of George Bush, at least you can dress like the journo muses who have no idea that this trend even exists.

Forget sophisticated, rebel is the new black.

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