Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Vogue Editors' Club

The Fashion media industry is brutal from the get-go, don't let the designer-ware lull you into a false sense of security or you'll end up being spat out like the hundreds of other mediocre girls and boys who 'loved fashion'. Most like to believe that Love is enough to keep you there, but the women of the Vogue empire have proven that in this day an age, the difference between chiffon and tulle is the least of one's worries after reaching the top.
Dragon #1: Vogue USA's Anna Wintour (AKA the devil in Prada)

Age: 63

Reign: 1988-present

1. Criticising celebrities

eg. Telling Oprah to lose weight and Hilary Clinton not to wear a blue suit for their Vogue cover shots.

2. Being a creature killer and one of  PETA's  pet peeves.

** Anna is a political ally for the Democrats and serves as a key fundraiser for the party. Remember this the next time you read about the Obamas.

Dragon #2: Vogue Italia's Franca Sozzani (the fashion media powerhouse)

Age: 62

Reign: 1988-present

Being a fashion minority activist

eg. "The Black Issue" dedicated to black women to (finally) celebrate their beauty and the 2011 launch of Vogue Curvy, catering for the plus-size fashion community.

Dragon #3: Vogue UK's Alexandra Shulman (the underdog who broke the editor image mould)

Age: 54

Reign: 1992-present

Being the least 'fashionable' Vogue editor and still hitting all the right spots, even controversially.

eg. The mirror-cover of The Millennium Issue which became the highest selling Vogue issue ever.

Publishing pictures of an emaciated Kate Moss dubbed "heroine chic" causing an uproar in the fashion community.

Dragon #4: Vogue France's Emmanuelle Alt (the 'newbie')

Age: 45

Reign: 2011-present

Being Carine Roitfeld's successor.

Being one of the youngest Vogue editors currently, and being one of the edgiest editors in terms of fashion sense.

eg. Her signature blazers, skinnies and heels.


This one's for the little girls dreaming of the top positions in the fashion media industry. Call it inspiration or call it ambition through intimidation, you have to admit, the Vogue Editors' Club is elitist in the most alluring way.

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