Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012, A New Year, The Same Old Bullshit?

I understand if some of my readers have been eagerly awaiting my post for the new year, i also understand if you couldn't care less. You win some, you lose many.

In my time between strolling through the forests of Knysna and falling victim to the new wing in Sandton City, I have unfortunately not had my finger on the global fashion pulse, and in this little vacation from high fashion commentary, I have made provision to be more in touch with the unsavoury aspects of fashion.

Before you shut down this page, hear me out. I do not wish to rant about the injustices fuelled by the fashion industry, I'll leave that to my hippy personality for this post. I want to brush my words around the issue of conformist attitudes in fashion, possibly one of the saddest phenomenon for the artist within me.

The fashion industry is yearning for a purge, a cleansing of the designers that feed off others, tainting the artistic process and defeating the fundamentals of fashion.

I'm not one for naming and shaming, but if you, dear reader, are the high end observer that i hope you are, i know you have a few names in mind. They pounce on seasonal trends and milk them for all they're worth, breeding a notion in which designers are watching fashion for inspiration as opposed to inspiring fashion for those who watch.

But for the sake of well being this year, let's be positive about the front runners in the fashion race, designers of note of 2011.

Peter Dundas of Emilio Pucci, a man who not only focuses himself on the artistic process, but understands his market in every intimate sense. A ladies man in a world of femininity, he has capitalised on the male viewpoint, and more importantly, how readily women respond to the needs and desires of men. (and the feminists go bonkers)

Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, the successor that everyone is watching, not just a McQueen tribute freak, not a mere product of the label, rather the type of designer who has become a part of the essence of the brand.

Christophe Decarnin, formerly of Balmain, a memorable designer at an edgy label. His flexibility in terms of representing the label in his best interpretation is something i admire immensely.

and finally...

John Galliano, not because he says outrageous things, not because i wish to make a statement and not because he's been a part of the fashion game for many many years. None of that would qualify him to appear on this list, Galliano is one of the few designers with the most intriguing ideas, the most groundbreaking moments, and one of the most volatile personalities. He may be morally questionable, but it does not diminish his talent significantly, if at all.

I look forward to the year ahead of us, in the hope that fashion can grow in the right direction, and that designers can remain first and foremost, the artists that they are.

Imitation labels may come and go, but pure inspiration and passion, those moments on the runway when you can't help but catch your breath and try to contain those butterflies in your stomach, those are the instants that fashion retains its artistic substance.

Here's to 2012, the good, the bad and the unfashionable.

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