Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Mile High Club Is No More

Out with the old and in with the new, and platforms are- dare I risk it- so last season. So tell me dear trendsetter, what shall I do with my newly acquired contemporary floral platformed courts? Should I donate them to a worthy cause on Oxford Road, maybe someone with red-hair will appreciate them more than my gullible feet?

Like the very mature gentleman who donned one burgundy loafer and one navy one, I aim for the title of Fashion Rebel. Think of Mr. Galliano’s spacesuit and then equate my glam grunge look, anti-climax of note perhaps?

Let us not be led into the ridiculous by the designers we dig, we may end up gymming in feather trimmed waistcoats (an example I wish I could erase). It’s about time that the consumers took a stand against trends like tattoo bodysuits (at this point I’ll stop making Galliano references). Pull your snotty nose out of Bazaar and buy something YOU think is beautiful, besides, quirky is trendy too no?

I am much too tired to give you examples off the runway but that isn’t the point of this piece is it?

I hope that my advice is heeded by both sheep and shepherds alike, now go on Sir, find that other navy loafer while I strut my platforms into the articles which told me to throw them away…

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