Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Muse of The Week: AKA

I know, most of my readers are from abroad, but that makes this muse even more of a revelation to you lucky sons and bitches. 

Meet AKA, South African rap phenomenon, and a fast-growing style icon in the music (and pretty soon, fashion) scene. 

Yes, he's as yellowbone as it gets, and I really should be focusing on getting some darker complexions onto my muse list, but there's an allure behind the new-age of South African Hip Hop that AKA is ushering in. It' s a more sophisticated feel, think of the man as SA's very own Rosewood Swag pioneer. AKA has got the sort of deft confidence that makes you do a double take. He's a sharp dresser too, with the clean suave attitude of a man on a mission, Hip Hop's James Bond?

Forget the new school neon, the Cream Cartel hairdos and the far too futuristic auto-tuned everything, AKA represents an old-school sophistication, and if that doesn't result in a southerly tsunami, I don't know what will. 

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