Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Screw The Snow, Bring On Some Summer Lovin'

So winter is upon us in the Southern Hemisphere and yes, it isn't nearly as harsh as the Winters of our European and erm, Canadian counterparts but it is bloody cold nonetheless. South Africa is generally a warm place, and not just by the weatherman's standards. We've got the sun on our faces, giving some a sunkiss (terribly sexy) and others, a sun snog (make no mistake, not as glamorous as you might think). But Winter...not a happy place for us. Firstly, the Winter range in South African stores makes me think that the fashion powers that be have no concept of the word Functionality. Yes Sir, that utility jacket is very sexy indeed, but is it WARM? No you say? Well then take your R1.5k price tag and F*** off. Enough of my anti-positivism BullSh** (note: not Pessimism, but not Optimism either), let me shed some light and warmth on the topic of Summer fashion and its impact on the inner Happy Place. Wayfarers.
(Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarers) Beach hair as per the Beach Hair Internation Ambassador; Gisele.
One-Piece Swimsuits for the sophisticated individual. Or not.
Crushed Ice...on abs. I LOVE SUMMER. BRING IT BACK. DAMMIT. Please note: My next post will be an ode to Winter and the sharp dressers who make it bearable. Just because i can. Not a hypocrite, a woman.

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